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Fujikura Optical Fiber Identifier FID-25R,Fiber Optic Identifier FID-25R

Fujikura Optical Fiber Identifier FID-25R

The FID-25R is fiber optic identifier that detecs dark fiber lit with 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz modulated tones.

The FID-25R optical fiber identifier is also equipped with optical power meter. Long head style with its fiber clamping design are for easier fiber installation activity.

FID-25R optical fiber identifier Advanced Features:
High-sensitive performance dedicated for Bend-Insensitive Fibers (BIF) identification
Capability for weak tone signal detection over strong traffic signal
Wide range optical power meter equipped in FID-25R (Max. +10dBm)
15 user-selectable test modes for variety of field application
The full test mode performs all identification tests at the same time by one-time fiber clamping
Advanced fiber clamping plunger design for all applicable fibers without swapping
Superior fiber clamping head design requires very short excess testing length of the optical fiber.

FID-25R optical fiber identifier Design Features:
Easy access to the target fiber in narrow space with thin and long head body
Simple and automatic operation by just clamping the fiber
LCD screen and LED illuminations for easy-viewable indication
Signal direction discrimination function and live fiber identification function available
Excellent fiber identification capability under sunlight condition
The sunlight shield cover is also available for accurate live fiber identification under sunlight.

You are here Fujikura Optical Fiber Identifier FID-25R,Fiber Optic Identifier FID-25R

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