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Fiber Optic Light Source,Optical Light Source

Fiber Optic Light Source OLS-109,Optical Light Source DLS-4,Fiber optic light source usually is used with the power meters, they can perform the basic test of the fiber optic systems, we supply the fiber optic light sources with different working wavelength, these handheld fiber optic light sources are good prices and fast delivery, wavelength can be custom designed.

Fiber Optic Light Source OLS-109 Fiber Optic Light Source OLS-109
Fiber optic light source OLS-109, handheld, dual wavelength, 1310/1550+/-10nm, -7dBm output power, LCD display, FC adaptor.
Fiber Optic Light Source DLS-4Fiber Optic Light Source DLS-4
The fiber optic light source DLS-4 offer excellent stability and portability for accurate fiber optic testing. Single output connector provides stable laser power at dual wavelength (1310nm&1550nm) or single wavelength (1310nm or 1550nm). The compact unit operates in either continuous wave (CW) mode or 2kHz modulated mode. A low battery indicator reminds the user of replacing the battery.

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