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Fiber Visual Fault Locator,Fiber Optic Fault Finder

Fiber optic fault locator is a small size and simple test equipment used to locate the optical fiber linking faults, there are several models with different output power. Fiber optic fault locator can detect the bend point or break point of the fiber glass. It is widely used in telecommunications, CATV and fiber optic projects.

Visual Fault Locator VFL-105PVisual Fault Locator VFL-105P
Pen type visual fault locator VFL-105P, handheld, single wavelength, SM/MM, 650±10nm, 5mW output power, max 9km distance, FC adaptor.
Optical Fiber Ranger OFR-3304Optical Fiber Ranger OFR-3304
Optical fiber ranger OFR-3304 is test equipment that functions similar to an optical time domain reflectometer. It is used in single mode fiber test applications. The fiber optic ranger is much smaller size and lighter weight compared to the fiber optic OTDR, and it is much more cost effective. They are used in optical fiber links troubleshooting, maintenance and test.

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