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Fiber Optic Splitters,Fiber Optic Splitter

Fiber optic splitter,SC/APC,FC/APC,FC,SC,LC,1X2,1X4,1X8,1X16,1X32,1X4, fused fiber optic splitter and PLC fiber optic splitters.  Splitters are used to divide the input optical fiber light at a certain ratio and send them to output parts.

Same as its name, fiber optic splitter is used to split a fiber optic beam into several beams at a certain splitting ratio. Fiber optic splitter is one of the key components in FTTH. Fiber optic splitter typical parameter include input and output part cable length, splitting ratio, working wavelength and with what kind of fiber optic connectors. Just like fiber patch cable, fiber splitters are usually with 0.9mm, 2mm or 3mm cables. 0.9mm outer diameter cable is mostly used in stainless steel tube package fiber optic splitters, while 2mm and 3mm cables are mostly used in box type package fiber splitters. Based on working wavelength difference there are single window and dual window fiber optic splitters. And there are single mode fiber splitter and multimode fiber splitters. Typical connectors installed on the fiber optic splitters are FC or SC type.

Depend on the technology used; there are fused fiber splitter and PLC fiber splitter. Fused fiber optic splitter is a traditional type with over 20 years history, it is a mature products, material used to make such products is easy to get so the total cost is small. Fused fiber splitter has many defects, for example, if many output like 1X32, the size of such splitter will be big, its loss is sensitive to working wavelength. The PLC (Planar Light wave Circuit) Splitters are developed based on silica glass wave-guide process with reliable precision aligned fiber pigtail in a miniature package. PLC fiber splitter has many advantages, one semiconductor could realize 1X32 splitting or more, which help make it a small size, and its loss is not sensitive to the working wavelength.

PLC Splitters PLC Fiber Optic Splitters
PLC fiber optic splitters,rack mount,module,fan out kits,PLC splitter LGX, 1x2,1x4,1x8,1x16,1x32,1x64,1xN,2XN, PLC splitters, fast delivery and good prices.
Fused Fiber Optic Splitters Fused Fiber Optic Splitters
Standard fused fiber optic splitters,with 0.9mm or 3mm cables, different kinds of optional connectors like SC/APC, FC/APC, LC/APC,LC,ST,FC,ST/APC,SC, with custom cable length,tube package or box package types, low cost and good quality.
plc fiber optic splitter PLC Fiber Optic Splitter
We supply Planar Lightwave Circuits which are key components used in FTTx networks. We supply the PLC splitters including 1XN to 64 and 2XN to 32 types, they are with a wide range of working wavelength from 1260nm to 1620nm.
pdf PLC Fiber Optic Splitter, pdf Rack PLC Fiber Optic Splitter
fused fiber optic splitter Fused Fiber Optic Splitter
We supply single mode fused fiber optic splitters, they are available in optional stainless tube package or standard box package. These fiber splitters are single window and dual window types, with optional various kinds of fiber connectors.
pdf Fused Fiber Optic Splitter

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