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Waterproof Fiber Patch Cables,Waterproof Fiber Optic Cables

Waterproof Fiber Patch Cable

Waterproof fiber patch cables, SC/FC/ST/LC/E2000, waterproof fiber patch cords are used outdoor, they are with bigger outer diameter compared with indoor use armored fiber patch cables, waterproof fiber cables are sealed structure for both connectors parts and cable body, the jacket is with strong PE materials, it is robust enough to use in harsh environment.

Waterproof fiber optic patch cables are designed to fit for outdoor applications. The waterproof fiber optic cables are with strong PE jacket and armored structure, they can resist high temperature and suit to use in harsh environment.

We supply both single mode and multimode waterproof fiber cables, custom cable assemblies are available. Waterproof fiber optic cable assemblies include waterproof fiber optic pigtail and waterproof fiber optic patch adopting the special structure cables and connectors, these fiber cable assemblies are widely used in CATV and communication towers.

Fiber Optic waterproof pigtails are widely used in data transmission network, typical types are with 2 fiber cores, 4 fiber cores or 8, 12 fiber cores. we produce the fiber optic waterproof pigtails strictly according to IEC standards, the products feature low insertion loss, high return loss, good interchangeability and repeat push-pull performance, which make them easy to use. The waterproof fiber optic pigtails are with strong PE jacket and waterproof sealed head connectors; they can be used in harsh environment.

Waterproof Fiber Optic Patch Cables Features:
Various kinds of connect interfaces optional such as SC,FC,ST,LC, etc.
Ceramic ferrules, PC, UPC, APC polishing optional
Low insertion loss, high return loss
Out diameter of inner fiber: 3.0mm, 2.0mm, 0.9mm

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