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Visual Fault Locator VFL-105P,Visual Fault Finder VFL-105P

Visual Fault Locator VFL-105P

Pen type visual fault locator VFL-105P, handheld, single wavelength, SM/MM, 650±10nm, 5mW output power, max 9km distance, FC adaptor.

Visual Fault Locator VFL-105P Features:
Operates either in CW or Pulsed  
Constant output power  
Lower Battery warning  
Long battery life (up to 60 hours)
Crash-proof and dust-proof design for laser head
Laser case ground design prevents ESD damage
Burning testing to ensure the reliability
Portable and rugged, easy to use
2.5mm universal connector, for 1.25mm connectors
FC (Male)-LC (Female) convertor can be provided on requests
Guarantee to CE standards include EMC,EMI, ROHS

Visual Fault Locator VFL-105P Applications:
Maintenance in telecom
Maintenance CATV
Test Lab of optical fibers

You are here Visual Fault Locator VFL-105P,Visual Fault Finder VFL-105P

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