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PON Optical Power Meter PM-3212P

PON Optical Power Meter OPM-3212P

PON fiber optic power meter PM-3212P, 1260~1360/1480~1500/1539~1565nm, 1310/1490nm  2 calibrated wavelength, dynamic range – 40 ~ +10dBm(1550nm dynamic range -40 ~ +20dBm), hand held, SC  adaptor.

PON fiber optic Power Meter PM-3212P Features:
Providing simultaneous measurement at all three wavelengths on the fiber (1490nm, 1550nm,1310nm )
Used in Burst mode measurement of 1310nm upstream
USB communication port enables data transfer to a PC
1000 measurement items can be saved in PM-3212P PON power meter or computer for data review
OPM-3212P PON optical power meter offers up to 10 different threshold sets in total; Three status LEDs represents different optical signal conditions of Pass, Warn and Fail respectively
User self-calibration can be performed and “Factory Default” mode can be retrieved in computer through the software
PON SC standard connector, easy to test
Backlight LCD display supports night operation
Optional 10 minutes auto-off function and low battery indication

PON Optical Power Meter PM-3212P Applications:
PON network(EPON &GPON)

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