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Noyes Optical Fiber Identifier OFI-400,Fiber Optic Identifier OFI-400

Noyes Optical Fiber Identifier OFI-400

Noyes Optical Fiber Identifier OFI-400 is rugged, handheld, and easy-to-use fiber optic test instruments designed to detect optical signals transmitted through a single-mode fiber without disrupting traffic. During installation, maintenance, rerouting, or restoration; it is often necessary to isolate a specific fiber. By simply clamping an Optical Fiber Identifier onto a gently bent fiber, the unit will indicate if there is [No Signal], [Tone], or [Traffic] and identify signal direction.

The OFI 400 fiber optic identifier is equipped with a unique two-position head design that can be configured to work with 250 µm, 900 µm, ribbon, or jacketed fiber in seconds, without tools or adjustments. When testing coated fibers, the slim design of the OFI 400 model allows easier access on a splice tray where the amount of work space is limited. The clamping trigger is ergonomically designed to fit the natural motion of the operator’s hand. A high impact molded plastic case makes the OFI 400 model suitable for use outside plant or in the central office.

The OFI 400 model Identifier is the next generation of Noyes Optical Fiber Identifiers. It has all the features of the OFI 200 model plus easy-to-read LCD display with Backlight, multiple [TONE] signal detection (270 Hz, 330 Hz, 1 kHz, or 2 kHz), power saving feature, and [Set Reference] feature. The OFI 400 model also measures and displays fiber core power or relative power on an LCD display.

The OFI 400 model Identifier is battery operated with the battery indication feature and performs thousands of tests before batteries replacement is necessary.      

Noyes Optical Fiber Identifier OFI-400 Features:
Rugged, handheld, lightweight
Accepts 250 μm, 900 μm coated fiber, 3 mm jacketed fiber cable, and ribbon fiber
No head swapping or adjustments
Identifies light carrying fiber
Low insertion loss - traffic remains uninterrupted
Indicates direction of traffic
Indicates Tone signal visually and audibly
270 Hz, 330 Hz, 1 kHz, and 2 kHz Tone detection
Easy-to-read LCD display with Backlight
Measures fiber core or relative power
Power Off and Set Reference feature
Battery operated
Low battery indication
Low cost, easy to use

Noyes Optical Fiber Identifier OFI-400 Applications:
Optical Signal Identify

You are here Noyes Optical Fiber Identifier OFI-400,Fiber Optic Identifier OFI-400

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