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Multi Fiber Cable Assemblies,Multi Fiber Cable Assembly

Multi Fiber Cable Assemblies

SC/LC/FC/ST/E2000/MTRJ/MPO/MTP, multi-fiber cable assemblies, patch cord, fan out, break out cable assemblies, the multi-fiber cable assembly feature the compact size and integrated structure, we offer 1xN type multi fiber cables using MTP/MPO connectors and NXN types multi fiber cable assemblies using SC/LC/FC/ST etc. connectors. Different cable types and jacket colors, custom length, good prices and fast shipping to worldwide customers. produce MTP,MPO,LC,SC,FC,ST,MU,E2000,MTRJ,UPC,APC,Single mode, Multimode,1XN and NXN types multi fiber optic cable assemblies ,We are manufacturer of custom fiber optic cable assemblies, which combine the function and ability of several individual cables into one single and convenient to use cable.

we offer both 1XN type multi fiber cable assemblies like MPO to 12LC which is equaling to CISCO cable assemblies, and we also offer IBM equaling products like MTP to 12MTRJ,etc. we can also make NXN types like 12 SC APC to 12 LC APC, single mode and multi-mode ones available. We can use bundle fiber cable or ribbon fiber cable to make the assemblies at the request. Custom design available.

Besides the MPO and MTP multi fiber assemblies, we can make as per your drawing or requirement for multi-fiber cable assemblies.

The cable overall length and breakout part length are definable; cable jacket can be Plenum, Rizer or RoHS compliant. Cable connectors are SC, LC, ST, FC, MU, MTRJ, E2000, etc. optional. Optical fiber used can be single mode 9/125, multimode 50/125 or multimode 62.5/125, with OM3 laser optimized cables available. We supply optional pulling eyes to use with the multi-fiber optic patch cables. All our custom fiber cable assemblies are fast delivery and good prices.

Multi fiber cable assemblies feature:
Single cable assembly with multiple fiber terminations
Multiple fiber construction types
SC, LC, ST, FC, MT-RJ, and MU connector types optional
Custom assemblies with various types of jacket and cable length

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