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GLC-FE-100FX,Cisco 100Base-FX SFP


GLC-FE-100FX is Cisco 100Base-FX 2KM SFP, has the GLC-FE-100FX transceiver in stock, tested, and ready to ship from warehouse. We supply the GLC FE 100FX with good price.

GLC FE 100FX is Cisco SFP fiber optic transceiver module designed for 100Base-X, GLC FE 100FX operate via multimode optical fiber and its working distance is up to 2km max. GLC FE 100FX working wavelength is at 1310nm MMF. GLC FE 100FX is small form transceiver with dimension 8.5 x 13.4 x 56.5 mm, its working temperature range at 0 to 70 degree centigrade. GLC FE 100FX compatible with safety standard Laser Class 1 21CFR1040.

GLC FE 100FX General Information
Product Number: GLC-GE-100FX
Product Name: Cisco 100Base-FX 2KM SFP
Form Factor: Plug-in module
Device Type: Transceiver module

GLC FE 100FX Technical Specifications
Product Type: SFP
Data Rate: 155Mbps
Wavelength: 1310nm
Data range: 2KM
Connector Type: LC Duplex
Cable Type: Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)

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