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E2000 Fiber Optic Adapter,E2000 Fiber Optic Adapters

E2000 Fiber Optic Adapter

Single mode E2000/APC Simplex Fiber Optic Adapters

E2000 Fiber optic adapter,coupler,mating sleeves,UPC,APC,PC,single mode, multimode.

We supply the E2000 fiber optic adapters, including the single mode and multimode types, there are UPC and APC adapters available. These E2000 fiber adapters are with zirconia sleeves and in simplex style. E2000 is a trademark of Diamond company.

E2000 fiber optic adapter Features
Accurate Dimension.
Good Exchangeability.
Good Repeatability.
Good Wear Resistance.

E2000 fiber optic adapter applications
Local ring net
Optical fiber communication system
Optical fiber test equipment
Optical fiber sensor

You are here E2000 Fiber Optic Adapter,E2000 Fiber Optic Adapters

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